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We understand making the decision to move from a employed solicitor role to self employed consultant solicitor takes much thought and consideration so we want to provide you with as much information as we can to help you in your decision process.

We hope our resource hub offers you lots of valuable information in coming to the decision of becoming a consultant solicitor.

Useful guides and FAQ's in becoming a consultant solicitor

To find out how you could become a consultant solicitor with Cognitive Law take a look at this video here from Managing Director Lucy Tarrant.

Consultant Solicitors - Frequently Asked Questions

Change, and your world changes with you: Stand still and you stand alone. 

Working for yourself without being alone

Become a consultant solicitor during lockdown? It is not as crazy as it sounds

We're still hiring

What's the best bit about being a self-employed solicitor?

What does being a self-employed consultant solicitor sound like to you?

How to grow your new business

Starting to see a difference 

Up and running

Taking the 1st step

Making the decision

The Dos and Don'ts of being a Consultant Solicitor

Some help with the move from employed solicitor (or partner) to a self-employed consultant

Thinking about becoming a Consultant Solicitor? Frequently asked questions

The 7 deadly myths about being a Consultant Solicitor

What type of solicitor are you?

Whatever your desire to enjoy a flexible way of working we are here to support you. We understand you have commitments and interests outside of the law and will help you balance your working life to ensure you can manage both.

Solicitor mum

Solicitor mums know best

New Year New Life, How I am changing women's lives, one solicitor at a time

 Solicitor Dad

Now is the best time for Solicitor Dads to become and Consultant

Dads who are solicitors deserve to have it all too

Senior Solicitor

Senior Solicitors - Strike (out) whilst the iron is hot! 

Don't go in-house, go home (and work from there)

Flexible working, the menopause and the legal profession - It's not just a female issue

Footloose and fancy free

Successful solicitors - Fancy a soft landing?

You don't need to have a child to enjoy flexible working

Retiring Solicitor

Thinking about retirement? Age is no barrier to consultancy

Retirement for solicitors - From all to nothing

Our Consultant Solicitors stories

Don't just take our word for it, read what our existing Consultant Solicitors have to say

Becoming a Consultant Solicitor - An interview with Darren Stone

Becoming a Consultant Solicitor - An interview with Richard Bates

Becoming a Consultants Solicitor - An interview with Simon Wood

A day in the life of a consultant solicitor

Why I ditched the traditional law firm set up to become a consultant solicitor

Why I joined Cognitive Law

Being a Consultant Solicitor has changed my life - for the better

Why I Co-founded Cognitive Law