Diversity and Inclusion icon Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity in the workplace is fundamental in generating different perspectives, breeding creativity and driving innovation.

From how to go to market to developing processes to solving problems – welcoming fresh perspectives is better for your business.

Harnessing ideas from different industries can also be valuable, as can experiences outside of work.

Other benefits of having a diverse workforce are:

  • being more profitable
  • attracting better talent
  • having a competitive advantage
  • gaining a wider market share.

How do I become a more diverse employer?

To create a more diverse workforce, you need to first build awareness.  Understanding and communicating the benefits to your people will help them see the upside to change.  Make connections for your people using your existing strategies and demonstrate how they can be improved.

It’s useful to review all of your current practices to understand how you recruit, promote and pay people.  Collecting data will provide you with a picture of where you are now, from there you can set goals and create actions to improve diversity.

Our services

For your workplace to reap the benefits of becoming more diverse, it pays to establish where you are currently.  To assist you with this we can review your processes and practices to identify where you could make changes to become more inclusive.  We can also help you to implement any changes we recommend.

To further promote Diversity in your workplace we offer workshops to engage your people with the concept of diversity and how to embrace it.  We have received great feedback from these workshops where individuals have commented on their increased awareness and Directors have noticed a change in attitudes.

We can also facilitate discussions or problem solving exercises to develop relationships between different groups of people and to encourage them to share their views and to help them to value and respect difference.

When you introduce new ways of working, it can be useful to provide some guidance to your people.  Additionally, we can create new documentation such as policies and guidelines, we can create one that fits the culture of your organisation.

Can your business afford to miss out?

Having a grasp on your diversity in the work place makes good business sense.  A diverse workforce leads to idea generation, innovation, and increased profitability.

For further information on how we can assist you in dealing with diversity within your business do not hesitate to contact us on 0333 400 4499.

What is Diversity?

Diversity is the existence of different characteristics in a group of people.  In a work context we can think of a group of people as teams, departments, boards and management.

Characteristics that make us unique are cognitive skills, personality traits and identity (race, age, sex, colour, religion, sexual orientation and cultural background).  These aspects shape our life experience and form our perspectives and ideas. 

What is Inclusion?

To bring in people with a range of different characteristics is the first step to becoming more diverse but to reap the rewards, you need to include a variety of people in all aspects of your business inviting opinions and ideas.  Inclusion is the key to harnessing the variety of views in your organisation.  Make sure you have a mix of people at all levels and in different parts of your organisation. 

Inclusion can take different forms; avoid making assumptions about whether certain people should be invited to share their ideas based on what you think they do and don’t know.  Instead, bring people together from different areas of your business who perform different roles and who operate at different levels.