How does Cognitive work?
As we grow organically we welcome solicitors looking to take back control of their career. Find out how we work and if Cognitive Law is right for you.
Cognitive Conversion Course
To support solicitors in making the move from employed solicitor to self employed consultant solicitor we offer an in-depth conversion course.
The Financial Bit
Cognitive consultant solicitors earn 70% of all paid fees from the very start. Right from the beginning, we recognise your talent and reward you accordingly.
We've got your back
From the outset and throughout your consultancy at Cognitive Law we have the systems and team in place to support you every step of the way.
Cognitive Community
The Cognitive community is made up of individuals who share a vision of working in a new way, whist delivering the very best in legal services to their clients.
Resource Hub
Our resource hub offers you lots of valuable information and advice in helping you in your decision of becoming a consultant solicitor with Cognitive Law.