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In addition to the wide range of legal services we offer for individuals and businesses, we also provide outsourced HR services to businesses across Sussex.

Our HR specialist acts as a consultant to your business at a time when you need to bring in expert skills. This may be for a long-term project, ad-hoc queries or in a retained capacity.

Whatever your business needs we will tailor our HR services to provide the most beneficial solution to suit your organisation.

Our HR services

Performance Management

Planning and managing restructures and redundancies



When a new person joins your organisation the onboarding process is crucial to the success of your new hire’s experience.

The recruitment process can be both costly and time consuming so once you have identified the best person for the role, it makes sense to get them up to speed as soon as possible.

Preparation and planning are key to use your valuable time wisely, there are some aspects of onboarding that can be done before the joiner’s first day.

We can advise you on how to best prepare and plan for your new team member and how to create a strong psychological contract with your new starter. Getting off to a good start paves the way for a long and rewarding career for your employee and a quick return on your investment of time and money to recruit them.

Employee Handbook

An employee handbook is the go-to resources for all your people. This is the ideal place to share your values and goals and highlight your policies.

Creating a handbook is a bespoke piece of work, using language and style that fits with your organisational culture.

Handbooks can be critical to share your expectations with your people and can often be used to showcase benefits and rewards.

We can create a handbook that fits the needs of your organisation. Something simple and straightforward may suit your environment, alternatively a series of detailed policies and industry specific requirements might be a better fit

Coaching to develop senior managers

Once managers reach a certain level, they must make a conscious shift to a place where they can distance themselves enough from their team to take a more strategic view.

Such a shift is a different experience for everybody, and your top performers often need an impartial and objective outlet.

To support managers in this transition I offer a series of 1-1 calls to provide a space for reflection and to offer them the opportunity to work through the new situations they’re faced with. This time is valuable for newly promoted senior managers and supports them in finding a style that suits them personally, to maintain authenticity, whilst maintaining a separation from their team.

Reviewing policies

Policies are often overlooked until they need to be relied on and unfortunately this may be too late. We can provide regular health checks to review your policies and ensure they are up to date with current legislation and give you, as an employer, the best protection.

As part of this service we can recommend and create any new policies we think will enhance your existing suite.


We can review your business processes to identify any gaps by dissecting them and re-mapping them to examine each one in micro detail. We can rigorously test the chain of events to highlight any gaps or bottleneck

Involving your team in this can be extremely effective. Their ‘on the job’ input can add a valuable insight and they often brig great ideas. Including team members in developing processes can be incredibly empowering for them and double up as a team building event.

Advising on flexible work requests

The Flexible Working Regulations Act was introduced in 2014 and comes with responsibilities for both employee and employer. We can assist your business in putting flexible work policies in place as well as advising you on how to manage flexible working requests from employees. Please see our article on Flexible Working Requests here.


We take into consideration the size and needs of your organisation before working out the right way forward at the right cost.

Many businesses face regular people issues, especially since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic. Frequent ad-hoc advice soon mounts up and becomes unaffordable for small business owners. Therefore, to help you manage your people issues effectively we offer affordable retainer options. This means we can be on hand whenever you need us. To find out more about HR Outsourced please take a look here.

On the other hand, if you prefer to work on a project by project basis, wherever possible we offer a fixed price.

Please find a copy of our fixed price menu here.