Employment Law Advice for your candidates

The Employment Team at Cognitive Law provide solutions focussed employment law advice on a variety of workplace issues to employers.

These issues include managing their employees, mergers, and restructuring, post termination restrictions, and discrimination complaints amongst other employment issues. We also advise senior level employees on exit planning and help them negotiate new terms or contracts of employment. We believe that this is extremely valuable to your candidates.

Senior level candidates

We are often contacted by senior level employees seeking advice when they are joining or exiting a company.

Whatever the reason may be, for those seeking to exit their current employer’s company, most want to agree a quick exit and are happy to leave with a compensation package via a Settlement Agreement. Once we are instructed, we discuss the options with the employee and agree a negotiation strategy with them. We either work in the background or work directly with the employer negotiating on our client’s behalf, whichever they prefer. We advise on the best approach based on the circumstances, discuss tried and tested tactics, and draft correspondence and detailed guidance for them as needed. It is often the case that once we instigate the process employers are amenable to negotiation discussions as the preferred commercial approach for their company. In over 90% of the cases, we secure an acceptable financial package for our clients. In addition to the financial package, we regularly negotiate internal announcements, references and releases from restrictive covenants and non–compete clauses. We know that candidates, particularly those at a higher level, greatly appreciate this assistance.

We are also regularly contacted by senior executives when they are engaged in negotiation of terms with their potential new employer. Often, they have had a bad experience on leaving their past employer due to overlooking terms connected with restrictive covenants, bonus schemes and termination clauses and want to ensure they don’t have the same experience when the time comes to leave their potential new employer. We review the terms and discuss the implication of them with the client, we ‘red flag’ particularly unfavourable terms and make recommendations on when to refuse, to agree, to onerous terms and/or alternatively provide them with suggested amendments and wording to present to their new employer to explain their reasons. Following our advice, our clients save themselves a lot of headache in the future and ensure that they are getting fair terms of employment. Although we know that Recruitment companies are highly skilled negotiators, sometimes a legal eye being cast over an employment contract can make a big difference to a candidate.

Please feel free to refer us to any of your candidates whom you feel may benefit from this advice.