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In short, stronger, healthier and more resilient employees will work smarter and ultimately produce better results. Advocating wellbeing creates a positive workplace and helps to prevent stress and enables businesses to flourish.

For longer lasting, entrenched wellbeing, a commitment from senior leadership is needed. A strong wellbeing strategy can be the core to employee engagement and business performance.

Our services

Wellbeing covers several areas within a business. Within each area we can assist you in identifying the underlying issues and work with you to create a wellbeing strategy that is tailored for your organisation.

Having policies and benefits that are backed up by behaviour and accountability will develop trust and confidence in your people and in turn they will commit and give more of themselves to the business.


Developing resilience in your people means they will have a greater ability to deal with adversity. Having a workforce who can cope with the highs and lows of change gives you a competitor advantage. When people have a high level of self-awareness they recognise when they need help and they feel psychologically safe enough to ask


Two huge contributors to stress are uncertainty and lack of communication. When people suffer from too much stress, they are unable to function properly without the correct support. They will feel demotivated, under confident, and unable to concentrate. This will also affect their ability to ask for help so it’s best for employers to take a proactive approach to stress management.


There is a huge cost to absenteeism. The ONS (Office for National Statistics) estimate 141.4 million working days were lost due to sickness or injury in 2018. The costs in sick pay, lost working days and pressure on the remaining employees is enormous.


Presenteeism is often considered to be worse than absenteeism. When employees are at work but not performing, more mistakes are made. Productivity naturally reduces and the employee is disengaged from their colleagues and their work.

How we can help you

Having wellbeing initiatives in place makes good business sense.  Having a happy, healthy, and engaged workforce leads to higher productivity and long-term economic growth.

We can provide tools such as a Wellbeing Audit and a Wellbeing Plan for your organisation.

A complimentary Wellbeing Audit assesses how your business supports your people’s wellbeing. We can then put together a plan for your people so they can take a proactive approach to managing their own wellbeing. This will help build a culture of self-awareness and encourage your people to prioritise their wellbeing and build resilience.

For further information on how we can assist you in dealing with wellbeing within your business do not hesitate to contact Claire Carson on 0333 400 4499.