In short, stronger, healthier and more resilient employees will work smarter and ultimately produce better results.

When people are stressed, they might be present but they’re not necessarily contributing fully.  They are also less tolerant to those around them, find it difficult to focus and they won’t give their best to your clients.

Given the current climate is one of doom and gloom, here are some quick wins for boosting the wellbeing of your team:

Regular dialogue

  • Have informal telephone catch ups to see how people are
  • Encourage questions and suggestions and respond to all of them
  • Send a regular ‘pulse’ survey to give people the opportunity to share how they’re feeling anonymously

Be innovative

  • Offer a wellness hour to your people where once per week they can choose how to spend an hour on their wellbeing during work hours
  • Find some talks on a range of wellbeing factors (such sleep, exercise, mindfulness, yoga, benefits of nature, nutrition) and encourage people to watch them and provide feedback on what they found the most useful
  • Set up a buddy system for employees to support each other


  • Consider how you can reassure people they can come to you when they need support
  • Recognise individuals who offer suggestions or provide suggestions
  • Model healthy working habits including regular breaks and not being online at all hours

Shared experiences

  • Suggest a step challenge to see how many steps each team can achieve in a week
  • Recommend everyone take a photo of their nearest green space and share it
  • Ask your team to propose a fun virtual get together with a theme

The above suggestions will temporarily boost the wellbeing of your employees.  For longer lasting, entrenched change a commitment from senior leadership is needed.

Having policies and benefits that are backed up by behaviour and accountability will develop trust and confidence in your people and in turn they will commit and give more of themselves to the business.

More important than providing generic solutions is to use all the tools in your communication arsenal to ensure wellbeing is not something that is left until it is too late.  Create an environment where people can manage their wellbeing proactively.  Build a culture of self-awareness and encourage your people to prioritise their wellbeing.  Provide tools such as a Wellbeing Plan for your people so they can take a proactive approach to their own wellbeing.

As a Human Resources Consultant I can help you to identify the underlying issues and work with you to create a wellbeing strategy that is tailored for your organisation.  Feel free to contact me at

Claire Carson

Human Resources for SMEs