Employee Exit Management

Employee exit management is the process used within many businesses to terminate an employee’s employment in a professional manner. It applies to employees who have resigned and those that have been terminated by the company.

When an employee’s employment is terminated there are a number of considerations that a business needs to make in order to cleanly end the relationship between the company and the employee.

To safeguard your business' interests, it is prudent to be clear about the various routes and options available to you before embarking on termination discussions with an employee. If at the outset you consider the most suitable exit route and your grounds for justifying it, you can minimise the risk of successful future litigation.

In most scenarios, a number of options will be available to you, each with different benefits and costs and each requiring different approaches. In our experience, early consideration of all possible options helps you to choose the route that is most beneficial to your business.

When an employee’s employment terminates, you will need to perform a number of tasks to ensure a smooth exit transition. Our Brighton based employment team can provide you with an Exiting Employee Checklist to help you manage the process.

We have a wealth of experience in this area of law and are able to provide both employees and employers with easy-to-understand legal advice.