Performance Management icon Performance Management

There are many ways to implement performance management measures and we can work with you to find one what’s right for your organisation.

Performance Management is a broad term and covers many aspects of your employee’s experience.

Managing expectations and creating boundaries is an important way of developing a positive psychological contract with people you manage. This can begin straight away (no long processes or over engineered policies are required) and will develop strong employee engagement and retain your best performers.

A great way to begin this is to set objectives and to hold regular reviews, that way any problems can be dealt with whilst they are small and in a timely manner; it also offers challenges and stretch to your rising stars. We have developed various methods and ways to record these discussions that can work in every situation. We can also advise on specific, more complicated situations.

Annual reviews are still held in most organisations, and this is an opportunity to have a slightly longer and in-depth with members of your team. It is also an ideal time for you to identify potential talent for your pipeline and to begin interventions if things aren’t working out.

Managing and developing your top performers is essential to retain and motivate them. Managing poorer performers is critical to mitigate risk to your business and team morale. It can be a difficult process to begin and maintain but we can help your business put various processes in place (from light touch to a huge roll-out) to help you hold difficult conversations and put support mechanisms in place.

Managing performance is also a great way of driving culture change. Sharing a vision and demonstrating how each of your people are part of it, is an incredibly powerful way to motivate individuals. And setting objectives in line with overall company values helps you to focus your team’s efforts.

Moderating team development measures

A moderation process demonstrates fairness and transparency. It also ensures parity across different teams. Once your management team have decided who they would like to promote or give salary increases to, a meeting for check for equality and legal compliance can add rigour to your process and mitigate the risks of errors, potentially leading to disgruntled employees further down the line.

360° feedback

360° feedback can be an extremely positive experiences if it’s managed well. We can run a thorough process of giving employees an opportunity to share their opinions and experiences and gather the feedback and deliver it in a meaningful way to your management team. We find this is a powerful way for people who may become future leaders to have the benefit of the voice of their people captured in a professional and meaningful way. Such experiences lead to better relationships between team members and management, can improve communication and ultimately contribute to high levels of employee engagement.

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