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Planning and managing restructures and redundancies

Many businesses are often not fully equipped to deal with planning for and managing restructures and redundancies. This is often a daunting situation for the business owner, and one that requires a clear and efficient process whilst managing the sensitivity of the situation.

We have vast experience in assisting businesses in going through a restructure and redundancy process and can guide you through the process step by step.

The Redundancy Process

To help you navigate your way through the redundancy process we have put together this downloadable redundancy process guide outlining the stages of the redundancy process.

In order to work out what your redundancy spend will be, here is a useful tool from that calculates your employee’s statutory redundancy pay. You need to input details of your employee’s redundancy date, their age, number of years they’ve worked for you and their gross weekly pay.  The amount of statutory pay amount will be generated and broken down which is useful for you to include in redundancy paperwork.

How can we help you?

We can assist with all communications, paperwork, consultation and timeframes to ensure a smooth transition is made. Our knowledge and expertise in dealing with restructures and redundancies will mean you receive the best possible advice in a friendly, professional, and efficient way.

For further advice and to discuss your restructuring or redundancy process contact Claire Carson on or call 01273 284191