Today is my 2nd anniversary as a Consultant!  And I couldn’t be happier.  Working in this way has allowed me to finally crack the work/life balance conundrum.

Working for a firm in Kent for 14 years, I quickly progressed to partnership. I thrived in a busy commercial litigation department but when I started a family, things became difficult.  The commute, the demands of the job, the changes in the legal sector, all meant that work took up so much of my time there was very little left for my family.

There are challenges to working in this way as it differs so much from the partnership model. However you quickly become accustomed to having complete control over everything you do – and when you do it.  And knowing that the more you work, the more you will earn is satisfyingly refreshing.   I simply can’t ever see myself going back to the traditional legal firm model.

Cognitive are friendly and supportive, with excellent back office support. Whilst you don’t have a secretary, they will help with pretty much any request, deal with all billing and credit control and proactively help with marketing the firm and you personally.

As a mother of 2 it has given me the freedom to be a solicitor and still have the time and energy to be a good parent and spend quality time with my children. In my first year my youngest was not yet at school, so I broke myself into this new way of working gently.  By the end of my second year I have more than doubled my fee income and am now looking for more new and exciting ways to develop my practice.  I set my own hours – and can actually turn down work if I don’t have time for it.  This was unheard of in my old practice!  I have even found time to take up running and ensure that my self development is as important as my work and family life.

All of this adds up to a very contented solicitor. That’s not something you hear all that often!

If you are thinking about becoming a consultant solicitor, do speak to the Cognitive Law team. It could change your life.

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