Coronavirus and the law

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many businesses and individuals to think carefully about their business and personal situation.  

The commercial and private client team at Cognitive Law bring a wealth of experience in advising businesses and individuals in a crisis situation. We offer in depth legal advice on a range of issues currently affected by the current coronavirus outbreak. You can be assured our advice is honest, sensitive and professional in what is a very unprecedented situation.

Our team have been hard at work bringing you the latest legal updates on how your business or personal circumstances may be affected.

These articles provide the latest legal advice during the coronavirus pandemic.

Commercial Law

Complimentary Company Legal Health Check 

Preparing for 'post lockdown'

Contracts, Force Majeure and Covid-19

How to maintain cash flow during these unprecedented times

Commercial Property

Covid-19 and Residential Possession Actions - update

Landlord's remedies for breaches of lease in commercial property 

Licence to Occupy Vs Lease/Tenancy

What's CRAR anyway? Some basic understanding on Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery

Tenant not paying rents but you cannot evict them. So landlords, what to do?

The obligations of business property tenants during the Covid-19 pandemic

Do I still have to pay rents for my business premise


Winding Up Petitions - the new provisions

Extensions of the Coronavirus Corporate Insolvency Provisions

Dividends during the Covid-19 crisis

Rent as an expense for Companies in Administration during lockdown

Director fails to convince Court that a Winding Up Petition should be restrained for Covid-19 reasons 

Covid-19 - Issues for Directors around wrongful trading

Employment Law

Extension to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme

Business not as usual

Mental health considerations for returning to work

Planning the return to work

Advice for employers - The redundancy process

Now and Next

To furlough or not to furlough

Later Life

Making wills during the coronavirus pandemic

Later life meetings go virtual at Barchester's Mortain Place Residential Home

Later Life Planning Under Lockdown

Family Law

Free family law advice during lockdown

Guidance on child arrangements during the coronavirus lockdown

Help for domestic abuse victims

Are you ready to face the world post Covid-19?

Throughout the summer we are offering free legal advice clinics to provide initial advice on your business or personal issues. Read more here. 

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Now is the best time for Solicitor Dads to become a Consultant

Thinking about retirement? Age is no barrier to consultancy

Successful solicitors - Fancy a soft landing?

Solicitor mums know best

Become a consultant solicitor during lockdown? It is not as crazy as it sounds

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