Cognitive Law was relatively “lucky” when the Government advised us all to work from home wherever possible. We already did. All our solicitors were used to working when, where and how they wished – predominantly from home. I won’t pretend that makes lockdown any easier on a personal level, but it did reduce the stress of having to acclimatise to home working too.

There are no doubt solicitors currently working from home who are desperate to get back to the office. But there are also solicitors who are not unhappy to finally have the opportunity to work from home. The concern for the latter will be having to re-adjust to returning to the office when we can.

For those solicitors who have always wanted to work from home, and who have enjoyed having a taste of it, we are hiring. We’d love to talk to solicitors who can’t face the thought of going back to commuting or being micro-managed in the office.

So if you have adjusted well to working from home, and would like to do it far more often when the world returns to normal, please check out our Join Us page and get in touch, just for an informal chat about making home working for solicitors the new normal.

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