When lockdown measures were introduced back in March many office workers across the country have had to adapt to a home working environment. The change from being office based to home based will have taken some adjusting but may well have bought many benefits that were previously unheard of.

Solicitor dads who formerly left the house early and returned home late in the evening now find themselves with a once in a lifetime chance to spend more time with their family. Although I’m sure with the current situation this may have led to some tension in an attempt to juggle working and home schooling; there will be many who have appreciated that the benefits of being around more for the children far outweigh the negatives.

The enforced lockdown has allowed dads to re-integrate with the family again. Extra time in the day where they previously had to commute can now be valuable time spent with partners and children. It’s not always about ‘making memories’, it’s often the everyday activities such as eating together, reading bedtime stories, and helping with homework that children appreciate and remember. It’s those activities that most working dads would love to be involved in but find work pressures get in the way and make it impossible.

When the lockdown eases and you look ahead to returning to “normal” life (whatever that may look like!) are there any aspects of lockdown that you’d like to keep? For example, having the chance to retain that fantastic bond with your children whilst maintaining a successful legal career. A lot of solicitors that I speak to are finding real benefits in working from home and would like them to continue once lockdown is over. One partner I spoke to was revelling in finding an extra 3 hours in his day now he doesn’t have to commute (although home-schooling wasn’t going that well!).

If that’s the case, we can offer a solution. Become a consultant solicitor at Cognitive Law.

Giving hard working solicitors the opportunity to create a true work life balance around their family is ultimately the reason why Cognitive Law was born. We understand how important family is and that your productivity is greater if you are happy in your home life. We have always entrusted our solicitors with the freedom to work where they like, with whom they like and at times most convenient to them. This means you can schedule your work around your family, not the other way round.

Having complete control of managing your working life means it is also much more achievable for two parents to both maintain their careers if they so wish. No more battles over whose job is more important, who will have to take the children to appointments or who is going to take the dog to the vets. We don’t bat an eyelid if a consultant takes time out of their day to attend Sports Day, in fact we don’t even know because their time is their own to do as they wish with it.

This flexible, remote working solution enables you to experience the best of both worlds, a happy family and a successful career. You’ll never have to worry about partners’ meetings, commuting or office politics again. It gives you the chance to leave behind the pressures experienced as a solicitor in a traditional law firm, reduces your stress level and takes some of the strain off your family relationships. It also goes without saying that lower stress levels bring huge health benefits.

Before this seems to be a too good to be true solution, I must be clear that becoming a self-employed consultant solicitor is not an easy option. It takes hard work and determination, but if you have a passion and drive you can truly reap the rewards. An existing client following is hugely beneficial but if not, we can work with you to build up a client base. Once the schools re-open and you have chance to work without constant interruptions, your life will become a whole lot more wonderful! And if you’re sick of the sight of your own 4 walls, come and hot desk in the office – it’s your choice.

With the lockdown due to last a little while lockdown your existing case load may be lower. This makes it a great time to contemplate consultancy. While it is quiet you have the chance to get to grips with a new system and there is no immediate pressure to build up.

We have a team at Head office to fully support you with all issues from admin, to billing to marketing. As we were set up to work flexibly and remotely our agility has meant the coronavirus has had very little impact on the way we work so you can be sure you are in safe hands when joining our team.

If you like the sound of becoming a consultant solicitor, it would be great to hear from you. Contact me on lucy.tarrant@cognitivelaw.co.uk or call me on 0333 400 4499. You can also take a look at our Join Us page for more information.

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