When the lockdown was introduced in March and the nations’ schools closed their front doors, mums across the country were thrust into a totally new norm, executing the ultimate juggling act of looking after children and working. Multi-tasking in its absolute extreme.

And how are we coping? Well, we just are, because we have to. Fluctuating minute by minute from advising clients on their legal issues to sitting at the table helping the children with their homework. It’s not easy, but we do it because we’re dedicated to our clients and our work; and our children and our family are the most precious people in the world – even if at the moment they may be adding a few more grey hairs.

But throughout all the chaos of this juggling act have you found yourself daydreaming of what it would be like to work from home when the children are back to school? The peace and quiet of the house, with no interruptions. Imagine how much work you could achieve in the space of a school day?!

Aside from the huge amount of stress that has come with working from home whilst attending to our children’s every whim, there have been some huge positives to come from the lockdown period. To be able to spend this amount of time with our children, making memories and having so much laughter in the home is invaluable. We’ll never have this time again, and for some mums who leave the house early, commute into work, spend all day in the office breaking their back to meet targets and getting home late to see the children for the last snippet of the day or not at all because it’s past their bedtime, it’s been the most wonderful time.

So, when this is all over and life gets back to normal, do you really want to go back to the office and have life return to exactly how it is? Or would you prefer to work towards a better normal that can provide more balance to your life. A snippet of what you are having now but in a properly structured and managed way.

Our ethos is simple, we offer a solution to hard working ambitious solicitors who seek a true work life balance. We empower our solicitors to work when they want, where they want and with who they want. If you already have a client following then you are off to a great start, if you do not, we can help you build your network of clients. It is not all plain sailing, and it requires hard work, determination and commitment, just like being a parent; but the rewards are plentiful, again like being a parent. Independence and flexibility to structure your day allows you to spend more time with your children. Control over the type of clients you work with and the type of work you take on reduces stress and allows you to manage your time effectively. Not having to compromise on your career, you can prioritise what is right for you and your family. With the ultimate reward of being happier and healthier in your career and home life.

This short window of being away from the office and spending time with the children will come to an end. Normal life will resume and the dreaded commute and the long, draining internal meetings will return. But it does not have to. You can take more control of your life and choose a better work life balance. You can spend more time with your children. You can take them to school. You can attend the school play. And you can still be an ambitious, career focussed legal professional. No more mum guilt and feeling as if you are letting your children down because you are not around enough, but equally not wanting to appear unprofessional and asking for time off work to attend the school play.

Now could be the best time to think about becoming a consultant. Work is likely to be a little quiet and you can truly contemplate how working from home, as a consultant solicitor could be perfect for you and your family.

Lockdown is for the short term but joining us as a consultant solicitor is a life changer. The real work life balance. Across our team we have several solicitor mums whose lives and those of their children have truly benefited from joining the firm. Take a look at Commercial solicitor Karen Blakesley story here, or Employment solicitor Annabel Cole whose career move into consultancy gave her the opportunity to achieve her dream of becoming a mum and adopting two beautiful children.

If consultancy appeals to you, I would love to hear from you. Take a look at our Join us page for further details and please feel free to contact me on lucy.tarrant@cognitivelaw.co.uk or call me on 0333 400 4499.

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