On 3 April 2017, Cognitive Law welcomed family law practitioner Sue Clements to their growing team of consultant solicitors. Sue, who is based in Liverpool, is the first addition for the firm outside of the South East region.

Whilst the firm is headquartered in Brighton, solicitors working with Cognitive Law do so on a virtual and flexible basis as self-employed consultants. Each solicitor manages their own client base and practice specialism.

“Flexible working means you can work how and when you want and with Cognitive that means where you need as well.” say Lucy Tarrant, solicitor & managing director, Cognitive Law, “Law firms have changed but people still buy from people and we believe our structure enables an individual’s strengths to shine through.”

Sue joins Cognitive Law with over 25 years of experience in managing all aspects of family law. She has extensive advocacy experience in financial matters, Children Act applications and domestic violence cases. Sue brings the total to 6 consultant solicitors working through Cognitive Law.

“Cognitive law provides a supportive framework which enable solicitors like myself the freedom to develop a niche practice that fits our personal strengths,” says Sue, “Having spent time in management roles and maintaining a law practice I’m looking forward to focusing 100% on the legal work.”

“Sue’s addition is testament to why our business model works,” continues Lucy Tarrant, “she can focus on what she does best, servicing her clients, and Cognitive Law can take care of the back-office requirements.”