Many experienced business people think that they only need to see a solicitor for large transactions, such as selling their business. And even more think legal advice is only needed when something has gone wrong.

This couldn’t be further from the truth. In business today, the law touches upon pretty much every area of your business, no matter what your sector.  Dealing with customers, suppliers, employees, data protection, health and safety, Company law, your website, the place you trade from – all of these require you to comply with specific legal obligations. Legal risk is everywhere.  And then you actually have to find time to do the business side of things!

Most businesses will have a sales department, then marketing, HR, someone who deals with contract management, IT, their website. But only the largest can afford an in-house legal team who know their business inside-out and who can advise on the legal implications of decisions, or re-draft their contracts or review those from others.  Wouldn’t it be great if, when you had a legal concern, you could pick up the phone, just like you do to any other department, and find out whether or not what you’re about to do is workable within the framework of the law? And ensure that you are always minimising your legal risk exposure? Better still someone who can take a look at your systems, processes, contracts, and give you advice on how to change these for the better – and potentially avoid big problems – and expense – further down the line?

Well having an experienced solicitor on retainer can do just that, but without the cost of a permanent member of staff. Over the past 20 years I have gained broad experience of representing clients when things have gone wrong and they are involved in commercial disputes.  In addition I have also advised business clients on business sales, re-structuring, revising their contracts, reviewing supplier and other third party contracts, improving their credit control and sales procedures to ensure that they have the very best protection to hopefully avoid a dispute ever happening at all.

3 of the top reasons for retaining a solicitor on a monthly or annual basis are:

  1. Cost – no need to employ a full or even part-time member of staff.
  2. Cultivating a long-term working relationship – we get to know everything about your business, and become part of it.
  3. Peace of mind – you know exactly who you will be dealing with and know that they are fully-informed about the workings of your business from the start.

If you would like to discuss how our tailor-made retainers could work for your business, please get in touch with Karen Blakesley on or call 01273 284008.

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