This is based on a real life case study and highlights the importance of having a Lasting Power of Attorney in place.

Mrs T was a widow in her eighties and was in the process of selling her large family home in order to purchase a smaller, more manageable retirement property. Solicitors were dealing with the conveyancing and a buyer was soon found to the relief of Mrs T’s son and daughter who did not have any spare money of their own.

Within a very short period of time Mrs T lost her mental capacity so could not sign the paperwork to sell the house. The buyer gave up and bought another property . Mrs T then deteriorated physically as well as mentally and was rushed to hospital for tests.  She became frustrated and violent and the doctors said that she had to be moved from hospital into a care home for her own and others safety. A suitable place was found but once the home became aware that there was no power of attorney they refused to take Mrs T as it would be some time before money was available to pay for her upkeep. The only way the home would accept her was if Mrs T’s son signed a direct debit agreeing to pay the monthly care fees of £3,000 from his own bank account.  Ouch.

If only she had set up a Lasting Power of Attorney whilst she could.

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