From driverless cars to Siri, a dystopian future in which humans are replaced by robots is looking more of a reality than ever. Cynics say that the personal touch of a recruiter could never be replaced, but technology is already disrupting the industry.

The increase in online staffing platforms and Vendor Management Systems will only continue. The recruitment process is becoming ever more automated. Outsourcing and crowdsourcing is on the rise. I think that recruitment companies must embrace them, not ignore or fear them, otherwise recruiters will become extinct.

When on-line job boards hit the recruitment scene, the fear of replacement loomed for recruiters. But these days recruiters use them to their advantage. The same, I hope, will happen with the increase in online platforms. Previously un-managed talent will be using the platforms, giving recruiters access to a wider network of candidates. Recruiters just need to grasp the nettle and make sure they move with times.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is increasing and Managed Service Providers are becoming ever more prevalent, not just on-line, but in the flesh. Margins are being squeezed, agencies are being cut out of the process, and the terms of business are getting tighter. Even in perm recruitment RPO usage is rising. And this is where the personal touch comes in. By focussing on candidate presentation, so that an RPO offering just isn’t a good enough service. Recruiters need to adopt marketing automation in order to target the niches that RPOs can’t reach.

By making sure that on-line terms of business are as tight as possible in a recruiters favour, recruiters can triumph through the use of AI. Locking down Data Protection and confidentiality can only stack the odds in the recruiters’ favour.

Recognising the opportunities that the advancement of technology affords them, in concert with the personal touch, the cynics won’t get left behind.

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