Recruitment companies based outside of the UK may consider setting up a UK arm of their company. We are often approached by recruitment business owners when it comes to helping with the legalities of setting up a UK base.

Thinking about where to start when it comes to the UK legals can be a minefield. There are a lot of legal aspects that need consideration when setting up a UK office; from starting up the business, to sourcing office premises and employing staff.

To make the transition in setting up a UK part of the company as smooth and stress free as possible it would be beneficial to have all the legal issues dealt with by one law firm. This law firm can act as an extension to the recruitment company, as an outsourced legal department.

Outsourcing legal services is where a company engages with a law firm, usually on a retainer or subscription basis, to carry out all the legal requirements of the business. Outsourcing legal services in this way enables the recruitment company to have all their legal requirements to be taken care of by one dedicated team.

Here are just a few reasons why outsourcing legal services brings many advantages:

Having a dedicated team

An outsourced legal team works closely with their client to establish the business’ goals. The legal team will take the time to gain a full understanding of the recruitment company’s business model. This enables them to provide bespoke advice to ensure these goals are on track to be achieved. A good relationship between the legal team and client is established from the outset, and the client can call upon their outsourced legal team as and when they need them.

Joined Up Approach

The dedicated team of solicitors will work together across all aspects of the company’s legal requirements. This means the team of solicitors covering all areas of law such as commercial law, employment, commercial property, debt recovery etc can work alongside each other to achieve a holistic approach.

Get more, for less

There are also cost savings when it comes to outsourcing legal requirements. Most companies choose to outsource their legal services on a retainer or subscription basis. This means paying a monthly fee to cover all their legal issues. Rather than employing an in-house solicitor or instructing different law firms to deal with different aspects of the company’s legal requirements, all the work is done under one roof for one monthly fee that can be factored into the company’s cashflow.

It flexible!

As well as the breadth of service available to the recruitment company, retainer clients can flex their legal spend as, when and how they need it. This means a company can use their outsourced legal team to focus on the business priorities at any given time. For example, one month might focus on the legal work around setting up in the UK and another month might be heavy on employment contracts and so on.

In depth knowledge of UK law

Having a UK based law firm acting as an outsourced legal team for a company setting up a UK arm means they have expert knowledge and experience when it comes to understanding UK law. This gives the company access to quality legal advice from experienced solicitors with outstanding expertise when it comes to dealing with the complexity of UK law.

Focus on what they do best

An outsourced legal team in the UK can take a huge amount of stress out of the UK move and allows the company to better focus on their core business activities whilst leaving the legalities in the capable hands of their dedicated legal team.

In summary the benefits of outsourcing legal services mean a company can:

  • Pay less for more
  • Access a full range of services whilst still only making one payment
  • Access any legal resource as and when they choose
  • Flex their legal spend as and how they need
  • Access experienced UK solicitors
  • Focus on their business whilst knowing the legal aspect is in safe hands

Our recruitment sector team have vast experience in advising recruitment companies in making the move from outside the UK in setting up the UK arm of their company.

For a free no obligation chat about your recruitment company’s legal requirements please do not hesitate to call us on 0333 400 4499.