Working from home is an increasingly popular choice for many professionals. With advances in technology, workers are able to stay connected when working remotely at the same time as performing all the tasks that can be undertaken in an office.

However distractions at home can be a problem. Household chores, kids, easy access to the TV (to name a few) can prevent a person from achieving all they would like to in a working day.

As a firm passionate about flexible working with the infrastructure to fully support a home working environment, we have pulled together our top tips on making working from home a productive and distraction free day.

  • Get dressed

This seems like an obvious one but getting dressed and following your normal morning routine you would do before leaving for the office helps get you in the mind set for your working day.

  • Play background music

Many professionals say having background music during the day can help increase focus. Music you like helps focus the brain while music you don’t impedes it, although we’re not sure how focused a heavy metal fan would be!

  • Have regular breaks

This is important for wherever you are working. Taking short, regular breaks is said to greatly improve productivity. If you can, get some fresh air by popping out or going for a quick walk. This helps to refresh your mind and stay focused for the next couple of hours of work.

  • Have a ‘to do’ list

We love a list! Planning out your working day helps to keep you focused on tasks and eliminates distractions. And the most rewarding part – ticking off each activity as you go spurs you on to the next task.

  • Create an office setting

Try to create an office space to give you the feeling of being at work. This doesn’t have to be a full blown office set up in your home, but try not to work from the sofa or your bed. Ideally pick a room you can close the door to and shut out any distractions.

  • Group tasks together

Again this is one to do wherever you are working. Try to batch tasks together. If you have lots of calls to make do them all at once, try the same with emails and maximize productivity. Getting the smaller tasks out the way helps to focus the mind on tackling the bigger projects.

  • Deal with your distractions

If you know what is likely to distract you manage those possible disturbances before the start of your day. For example if you know you have a huge pile of washing up on the side which is going to keep bothering you throughout the day, get it done and out the way so it’s not hanging over your head.

  • Post your schedule

If you have family in the house whilst you are working, manage their expectations of your availability by letting them know your plan for the day. If they are aware you will be busy until lunchtime they are less likely to interrupt you and wait until your next break.