It’s Good Divorce Week (yes, there is such a thing as a good divorce), and this week I am supporting Resolution in their campaign to build awareness that there is a better way to separate.

Separation is a traumatic and stressful time for any couple, but when children are involved emotions are heightened and the stress level significantly increases. Of course parents want to put their children first during a family separation but many find it difficult to access advice about how to do this. Resolution have produced a guide to support parents with advice and tips to ensure a family break up has minimum impact on the children. You can access the free guide here.

Parenting through Resolution – Guide

Having read that two thirds of separated parents said they lacked access to advice about how to put their children first during a family separation we hope this guide offers support to families in going through this sad and stressful time.

I want parents to know there is a better way to ensure children’s interests come first during a separation. Resolution provide many short video’s which can support you and arm you with all the tools you need to support your children.

Here is useful short videos to support parents during a separation:

Divorce: 5 Great Ways To Put Children First | Resolution – YouTube

Communication is paramount. A family separation changes the lives of everyone involved, therefore clear lines of communication between parents and children is vital. Talking through the situation and listening to your children will help them build an understanding of what is going to happen and will minimise the impact the separation has on them.

As a member of Resolution I am committed to finding the right solution for the whole family. The wellbeing and happiness of children will always be at the centre of any advice I provide.

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