Divorce isn’t something most people intend to go through, therefore the need for mortgage planning in such circumstances is often overlooked. Thankfully there are viable solutions, and Cognitive Law has chosen to partner with SEICO Group to ensure that clients going through a divorce have all the advice they need when dealing with the mortgage aspect, by giving them access to every option available from the mortgage experts at SEICO.

Cognitive Law’s family law solicitors work closely with SEICO’s mortgage advisers to understand clients’ needs and find an affordable mortgage solution to suit the whole family. SEICO can support clients with the following requirements:

  • Re-mortgages
  • Equity release
  • Buying a second property
  • Transfer of equity
  • Buy to lets
  • Protection review
  • Life Insurance
  • Income Protection
  • Critical Illness cover

There are various options available to divorcing couples with regards to their mortgage, including selling the property, transferring ownership, paying the mortgage off in full or removing a name on the mortgage. Cognitive Law and SEICO work closely to create a tailored solution, in their client’s best interest.

SEICO Group was established in 1990 and are a whole of market mortgage specialist which means it has access to all lenders in the marketplace including those not on the high street. Alongside providing mortgage advice to individuals, SEICO are commercial finance specialists and can support business owners with a whole range of commercial finance solutions including management buyouts and commercial property acquisition.

CEO of SEICO Group Rob Starr says “We are proud to become a trusted partner of Cognitive Law offering residential mortgage advice as well as commercial finance solutions. Navigating the process of property finance especially in difficult circumstances is a situation we are thoroughly adept to. In addition, we specialise in self-employed or complex income as have all the right lenders at our fingertips. At SEICO we pride ourselves on supporting clients in a sensitive and timely manner to achieve the best possible outcome.”

To find out more about how we can support you with your family legal needs contact Cognitive Law on 0333 400 4499, or to discuss your mortgage requirements contact SEICO on 01273 778888 Or email: mortgages@seicogroup.com