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As Spanish and international law specialists, we offer a wide range of legal services to individuals and businesses requiring expert advice related to Spanish and international law.

We understand that dealing with cross border legal cases can be complicated and stressful. Protecting your interests is our priority.

Our Spanish and international Solicitors have extensive knowledge of both the English and Spanish jurisdictions, as well being fluent in both languages. Therefore, you can rest assured in the understanding that we can assist you throughout the entire process. Our knowledge means there will be no need for any interpreters or unnecessary translation of documents, saving you both time and money, whilst also preventing possible culture clashes.

We assist British individuals and businesses, as well as other law firms, with the Spanish and international elements of their own cases.

Our Spanish and international legal services include:

  • Spanish Probate/ Estate Administration
  • Sale or purchase of Spanish property
  • Transfer of Spanish property in Spain
  • Renunciation of Spanish inheritance
  • Preparing Spanish Power of Attorneys
  • Spanish Wills
  • Spanish Visas
  • Obtaining Spanish non-resident numbers (NIE)
  • Certificates of English or Spanish Law
  • Liaising with Spanish professionals to smoothly progress in an existing case
  • Timeshares in Spain
  • Debt recovery and Spanish litigation
  • Banking matters in Spain
  • Starting a business in Spain
  • Legalisation of documents (apostille)
  • Cross border litigation matters
  • International Sale of Goods
  • Personal Injury claims. These include defending claims issued in the UK against Spanish foreign Insurers for example, as well as acting for individual pursuing personal injury claims as a result of accidents abroad either before the English courts or foreign courts.

Our Spanish and International team have an extended network of connections worldwide, which makes them a good point of contact if you have any other international issue. We can assist in providing legal services in over 50 countries.

How can we help you

Our Spanish and International team have over 20 years’ experience advising individuals and businesses within Spanish and international legal cases, therefore you can trust that your case will be handled with professionalism and care in achieving the best results for you.

For further information on how we can assist you in dealing with Spanish and international law do not hesitate to contact Carmen Calvo on 01273 284120.