One of the ways I manage my own self-development and keep up to date with the latest thinking is to attend various events.  One such event about incorporating risk into company culture and how workplaces are reassessing their attitude to risk in the new Covid world was I attended, left me with some great insights and ideas.

I was particularly interested to hear how companies were changing their practices around communication, team morale, skills evaluation and data security.  But most importantly, they are changing their behaviours.  The realisation that policies and practices have their place but only go so far in making lasting change will really help employees thrive and in turn, organisations succeed.

Decentralising worked well for one company as it encouraged stronger collaboration at a local level, rather than bringing in a global policy that people can feel detached from.  This allowed for regional differences, while maintaining an overall shared goal.

Other views I enjoyed hearing were how to best support people who had been on furlough and the risks of using that as a category for making future decisions as it will have affected people with disabilities and parents disproportionately.

To recognise the positive outcomes from a situation that had to be put in place quickly and that no-one could have prepared for was a brilliant exercise in reflection.

Companies have had the benefit of realising how well their people had managed to be productive in difficult situations and, as such has provided a great platform to develop more trust in people when they have been working remotely and to plan future culture changes to incorporate more flexibility as standard which is a huge step forward for both employees and employers.

In summary: review your risk assessment, embrace the changes that have been foisted upon your business, see the benefits of developing a culture of collaboration and trust and treat people fairly and equitably and finally focus on values and behaviour.

I have a programme for business leaders to help you break down the factors that create your organisational culture and I can help you create sustainable change to save you time and money on the people related aspects of your business.

By Claire Carson 

Human Resources for SMEs