I’ve had this song in my head since the turn of the New Year. It’s a great song and Nina Simone is a fabulous artist but for me, this is all about the timing.

2020 is not only a New Year and a new decade but it’s also a new way of working for me. I have recently started working with Cognitive Law as a Consultant. I’m a HR professional with over 20 years experience in the financial and professional services sector and after a few life changes (including moving location and having children), I now want to work differently. I want to continue the career that I have worked hard to build and I also want to work with interesting clients on challenging situations. And most of all, I want flexibility.

The first two are much easier to come by than the last one and all three together? Impossible…or so I thought.

Cognitive Law was set up by Lucy Tarrant in 2014 with the aim to deliver legal services in a fresh new way. She is passionate about flexible working and empowers all the consultants to manage their own time and workload. This means no more commute, no more 9 to 5, but working when, where and how I like.

In my consultancy role at Cognitive Law I will be embracing the opportunity to work with a variety of different businesses in Brighton and Hove and tailoring their HR requirements to fit with their unique company culture and values. So this is what I’ll be doing; working as a true business partner to consult on people-related matters.

My career so far has given me great opportunities to work with a wide variety of people on an assortment of projects and situations. From helping managers to navigate business changes to supporting Directors in their personal career challenges and coaching and developing teams and individuals. There have been many thorny issues and uncomfortable moments but ultimately each situation has been worked through to reach the right outcome that is both practical and commercial.

I’m really looking forward to this new beginning and working with new clients and businesses and learning about their ways of working.

Building strong relationships has been fundamental for me to understand the issues people face. Having conversations, listening and asking questions is my way of successfully finding out the needs of the business and the start of developing the best course of action.

In that vein I’ll be attending various events to expand my network in the coming weeks and months and I look forward to meeting you and finding out about your business requirements.

Claire Carson

Human Resources for SMEs