HR – The Paperwork

To get the best out of the people you work with, behaviour is a key element.  However, to underpin behaviour and to run alongside it, businesses also need something more tangible.  And that’s where policies, processes, files and written notes come into place.  Having the right information in writing explicitly states everybody’s rights and responsibilities and becomes the foundation from which the working relationship is formed.  Such documents also cover the legalities and regulations that comes with employing people.

To give you a head start and to make sure you are legally compliant I am offering to audit your people records, processes and related documents (excluding employment contracts*) to ensure you have the essentials in place and I will identify any gaps that leave you open to risk.

I will also make suggestions for additional policies and procedures for you to consider.  There is no obligation for you to implement any of my recommendations.  However, I am happy to provide you with a quote if you wish and I will apply a discount if you sign up within one month of your audit.

Claire Carson

*If you wish to have your employment contracts reviewed, my colleague Annabel Cole can help you.